Solibrium solar brings a smile to communities with Pay As You Go, Payment Model

Meet Agnes Budoli a 37-year-old mother of 4 girls from Bukhaywa village. Agnes bought a 4 lights solar lighting pack from Solibrium Limited in the year 2020 and says she has never regretted that bold step that she took.

Before she acquired the solar lighting pack, Agnes was using a kerosene lamp which was a costly adventure due to the need to regularly buy kerosene for the lamp, an expense she could not be able to sustain.

Agnes adds that usage of the kerosene lamp had a myriad of challenges including the fact that she could not allow children to study for longer hours to save kerosene and cut operational costs and also the emission of smoke was a health hazard that posed danger to the health of her school going children.

Comparatively, Agnes joyously affirms and highlights the benefits she has enjoyed since she acquired the solar kit. Unlike using the Kerosene lamp, which meant spending on Kerosene purchases for the rest of her lifetime, with the solar kit, within a period of one year she had cleared payments and since then she has been able to cut on her routine expenses, save and open a kiosk.

Other than providing a lighting solution, Agnes goes on to outline that she enjoys other features of the kit such as an additional portable torch, and the ability to charge her phone any time of the day saving her both cash and time she used spent going to the nearest market center to charge her phone.

Agnes concludes by making a call to action for everyone to embrace clean, affordable, and sustainable solar energy solutions to save cash, enjoy multiple benefits and conserve the environment for our posterity.

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