Day 2: Invest To Prevent Online Gender – Based Violence (OGBV) #SafetyOFWomenJournalists #16DaysOfActivism

Investing in preventing gender-based violence is not only a moral imperative but also an economic one. GBV has significant costs and consequences, including medical, legal, and missed productivity expenditures.

On several fronts, it is necessary to invest in the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) more so as we mark this year’s #16days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence on Women and Girls. These could be achieved through:

Investment in Educational Initiatives

Investing in educational programs that promote consent, gender equality, and healthy relationships is crucial. These programs, which aim to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, can begin in childhood and continue throughout maturity.

Policy and Law

It is essential to make investments in the creation and upholding of laws and policies that provide protection against GBV. Adequate funding guarantees proper execution and oversight of these actions to hold perpetrators responsible and provide survivors justice.

Community Programs

It is critical to provide funding for community-based initiatives that bring men and boys together to debate gender stereotypes, healthy masculinity, and positive roles models for males. These programs target fundamental societal norms and attitudes with the goal of preventing Gender Based Violence.

Research and Data Collection

Investing in research and data collection efforts provides a deeper understanding of the root causes and prevalence of GBV. This data aids in successfully tailoring preventative strategies and interventions.

Workplace Initiatives

It is critical to support workplace policies and initiatives that advance gender equality, offer harassment prevention training, and assist survivors in the workplace. In addition to fostering safe spaces, this helps to alter social norms.

By investing in prevention, societies can save resources and create safer, healthier, and more equitable communities for everyone.

The International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) is a global nonprofit professional organization of women working in electronic media, Technology, and allied media. IAWRT strives to meet the urgent global challenges faced by women in and around the media.

This Kenyan chapter has over 100 members spread across media houses and other like-minded organizations. It received its charter to operate as a local chapter in 2005. One of our core objectives is to support the professional development of members through exchange of ideas, experiences and technical knowledge which in turn is utilized as media skills to ensure that women’s concerns, views and values are an integral part of electronic programming.

By, Raylenne Kambua

Digital Media Associate IAWRT

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